- Getterr Done Construction -

Hi, my name is Eddy, from Warsaw, New York. I found I needed a new roof on my home and business. After getting estimates from 6 or more roofing companies, Mike Fox and Getterr Done Construction, from Bliss, New York was hired to remove the old roof and install a new steel roof. This decision was not based on price at all; at $15,900, Getterr Done Construction was one of the highest estimates that I received. I soon found that the decision to use Getterr Done Construction was a poor choice.

My first sign of trouble was the delays in getting started on the job and the trim pieces not being the color I had chosen. When Mike and his crew finally showed up to do the job, the crew was given a few orders and the owner, Mike Fox, left his three man crew to tear the old roof off and install a new one. After having these guys on my property for a day, I quickly learned that Getterr Done Construction had lost two of its main guys and only one of the guys doing my roof has had any experience doing a roofing job like mine. The other two guys, in my opinion, didn't have much, if any, experience in this type of roof repair and were very new to the company; so new that it may have been their first job with Getterr Done Construction. This, in my opinion, was a poor showcase of leadership from Mike Fox, leaving a great possibility for things to go wrong, which they most certainly did as you will see.

Mike Fox spent very little time on the job site, and the crew struggled to get anything done right, as you can see from the photos. You will also see the damage that was done to my home and business as they tore down and "rebuilt" my roofs. I also have substantial damage to the inside of my home from water leaks, due to the improper installation of my new roof (as you can see in my pictures). Getterr Done Construction will not address any of these issues that have resulted because of their poor workmanship and neglect.

I have posted a photo of my invoice from Getterr Done Construction, totalling $15,575 for this roof job, which was paid in-full. In no way did I get the job that Getterr Done Construction was paid to do. After several attempts to get Mike Fox and his company Getterr Done Construction to fix the issues, it is apparent to me that he has no intention to make any of this right, nor does Mike care that his poor workmanship has caused substantial damage to the inside of my home.

I called my insurance company, only to find out that after their inspection, insurance does not pay for poor workmanship. This is a bitter pill to swallow, but when you see the work that Mike Fox and Getterr Done Construction has done, you will understand the Insurance Company's logic as I do now. Being that the insurance company and Getterr Done Construction will not do anything about the crappy job done to my property; I have been left to fund and deal with these problems myself.